Sunday, February 12, 2012

I Finally Found a Protein Bar I like!!!

Hi all, happy Sunday! Hope everyone is having a good weekend. Things are going well here, my Boston Marathon training is going really well so far and my foot is getting better each day.

A couple of weeks ago Ryan and I got some free protein bars in the mail from PureFit. PureFit bars are all-natural, gluten-free, wheat-free, dairy-free, vegan, kosher and high in protein. I have been looking for an all-natural protein bar for years now and haven't found too many that I like or that I believe to be TRULY all-natural. To be honest, I had low expectations about PureFit bars solely because I had never heard of them before. And then when I found out they were wheat-free, dairy-free etc., I wasn't expecting much.
The first bar I tried was called "Almond Crunch" and it was delicious! I actually felt sad as I was eating the last bite. The next day I tried "Berry Almond Crunch" and the day after that I tried "Peanut Butter Crunch." All 3 flavors were great!! Here's what I like about the bars aside from the taste:

-18 grams of protein

-SIGNIFICANTLY less saturated fat than the protein bars I ate before. These have as low as .5 grams (the other bars I was eating had 5 grams).

-Decent size bar!

-Bar is slightly moist, much easier to eat than the chalky bars I was eating before. Also, sometimes those thick/heavier bars are hard to swallow after a hard run.

-Less sugar than other bars (and the kind I was eating before)

-No after-taste

-These bars won't melt and they won't freeze (unlike the bar I was eating before, it either melted or froze in the car, making it impossible to eat mess-free after a race!)

Unfortunately there are not many stores in my area that carry PureFit bars but I can (and already did) order more online (directly from PureFit or through Amazon). Each bar is $2 or less, depending on where you order them from.

I don't know if PureFit bars will ever be at a marathon expo any time soon but if you get the chance to try these bars I highly recommend them!!! I know protein bars aren't for everyone body but if you are looking for a good option this is definitely one to try!!

Have you tried PureFit bars before? What kind (if any) do you typically eat?

Friday, February 3, 2012

Why Does This ALWAYS Happen??

Soooo hot and itchy!!!!! No matter how much I cover up I Always get an itchy stomach after winter runs!!! Ahh. You too??