Tuesday, August 31, 2010

It's a Boy!

We have a new nephew! Joshua Samuel was born August 27th at 11:46am. Bethany's sister's 2nd baby. Pictures below.

Auntie Bethany a.k.a Ah-Boo

Close-up of Josh

Ryan carefully holding the baby.

Ryan (also a big brother) bought a basketball hoop for Joshua's big brother, Robby.

Ryan and his "little" brother at the Shipyard Brewery during our Maine vacation last week.

Ryan and his buddy, Robby.

We have plenty to blog about lately, so stay tuned. We'll have more pics from our Maine vaca and some pics from Miss Bethany's triathlon this weekend.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

We Met an American President . . . . and we have the pictures to prove it

Our 'Run for the Fallen' this weekend was quite an experience. We both ran really well, and although we were hoping to run more, we got in about 26.5 miles (don't think anyone was able to run the whole 65 km). The run started in Ogunquit, ME and finished in Portland, ME. Due to the event's logistics and strict schedule, we were unable to run more than that. We ran as much as we possibly could at all times until the trolley picked us up and moved us along to maintain the event schedule. By no means were we running slow, but since most people were running much shorter distances (5km-10km or so), naturally they would be running faster. 

It was a truly emotional event, with each kilometer commemorating one of Maine's fallen soldiers. Each kilometer was marked with a poster of a particular fallen soldier, and their families would stand by cheering and greeting the runners. It truly was quite a sight and feeling to run by these families who had suffered such great losses.

After the run, we were driven by trolley to Cape Elizabeth, where we had a nice lobster bake and made some new friends (who Miss Bethany excitedly chatted about Ironmans with). We were busy eating and chatting when the race director made an announcement that a special guest had arrived to greet all the families and all the runners. . . . 

George W. Bush and his wife, Laura! They were incredibly personable, down-to-earth, and friendly. They stayed for hours, until every person had a chance to shake hands and take a picture with them.

What was really funny is how he shook Ryan's hand. First, we started out with a normal handshake, and then went into the full arm-wrestle-type handshake, as if we were old friends (see above.)

The first thing he did was comment on our Zensah sleeves, and then he asked if we were married and when we said 'not yet,' he asked if there was anything he could do to speed the process along. :-)

Pre-race display in Ogunquit's Veterans Square.

Leaving Ogunquit (Ryan in green, Miss Bethany too short to be seen).

One of the markers for one of the heroes along the way.

This cute little dude was awesome. When we ran past him, he jumped in and ran a bit with us, and then once he was getting out of shouting distance from his family, he stopped, and yelled to us 'GO GO GO GO GO GO!' 

Another family of a fallen hero.

Some veterans/supporters along the course.

Getting ready to head over the Casco Bay Bridge for the last 4 km (notice Ryan changed his shirt, Miss Bethany in red, white and blue). 

Coming into Portland.

Monument Square in Portland.

Our trolley, aptly named Holly. 

Cape Elizabeth, where we had our lobster bake. If you've run Beach to Beacon, this sight may be familiar.

Post-run lobster bake.

Post-run lobstah (and un-clean hot dog :-), hey I needed to replenish the calories I burned)

All smiles after 26.5 miles and some lobstah :-)

It was a GREAT weekend. Miss Bethany always wanted to just catch a glimpse of an American president, nevermind shake hands, talk and get her picture taken with one! 

We have some other pics from the rest of our Maine mini-vacation that we'll post later.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

65km for 65 Heroes

It's 4:40am and we are about to leave for Ogunquit Maine to take part in our first ever tribute run. Today we will be running somewhere b/w 50-65km as part of "Run For The Fallen, Maine." The run honors the life of the 65 service men and women from Maine who have died since September 11th. You can check out the website HERE.
We will be in Maine for a few days and we will post some pictures from the event when we get back. It looks like a really emotional event, if you have time, watch some of the video on the website. Each kilometer is marked with a sign/picture of each soldier and their families will be standing at their as well. There is a ceremony before and after the run. Please keep these people and all other military families in your thoughts today. It doesn't matter what you think about the war, bottom line is there are good, brave people dying for us and we should all honor them and be thankful for them.

We will post a recap in a few days. Hope you are all having a nice weekend.

Monday, August 16, 2010

New PR's and Blogiversary

This past weekend we ran 2 races, the Brew run Saturday night , 5.2 miles, and the Falmouth Road Race (FRR), 7.1 miles, Sunday morning. This post we'll just focus on Falmouth because we both got PRs (sort of).
This was the 38th running of the FRR. It's a very famous race that attracts A LOT of elite runners. The course is all along the coast and is quite gorgeous! It has no shade and has a few rolling hills, since it's held in August, it's usually pretty hot. This is the kind of race that has helicopters and is shown live on TV. Every year there are about 10,000 runners and everyone is assigned a bib number based on past performance. This year miss Bethany was bib # F97, which is the reason why she "sort of" got a PR. more on that later...
Ryan's past PR on this course was 57:30 which he set last year. Keep in mind we did our long run Friday morning and a road race Saturday night which we did as a tempo run so our legs weren't as fresh as they could have been. This year Ryan did 55:29, 7:52 pace a 2:01 PR!
Last year Bethany did 50:27 and this year did 50:22, so technically a 5 sec PR, right? Well because she was in the top 100, her time was based on gun time rather than net time like everyone else. bummer! So technically the garmin showed a PR, but it goes down in the books as 50:34. oh well.

We ran by this just after mile 1. 

See how pretty? 

Also, August 15th was the 1 year anniversary of our blog!
Happy Birthday Blog!

More in our next post about our Saturday night race - We got there 4 minutes before it started!

Thanks for reading our blog!
Hope you all had a great weekend!

Friday, August 13, 2010

Quick Update

Hey guys, just Ryan blogging today. Miss Bethany's working. We had a nice easy 15-miler before she had to go off to work. (I'm off today.) It was such a nice, cool morning, and it was nice to run for a couple hours and discuss some wedding stuff. 

We have a really busy weekend coming up, with two races, both down on Cape Cod. Tomorrow we're heading down to do the Brewster Brew Run, a 5.2 miler that we'll take nice and easy, and while we're at it, we'll hop over to Falmouth to pick up our race numbers for Sunday's Falmouth Road Race (a pretty popular 7 miler). 

Falmouth always attracts a lot of big names in road racing, and this year is no different. This year, Meb Keflezighi and Antonio Vega will be running, along with a number of Kenyans. For women, Catherine Ndereba and Colleen de Reuck will be running as well.

Well that's just a quick update on what we're doing this weekend. What are you guys up to?

And because no one likes a blogpost without pics, here's a pic of the dog I want (we met him in Alaska):
His name is Buddy.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Dam Trail Race and Purgatory

We ran a really fun trail race yesterday out in Oxford, MA. It was called the Oxford Dam Trail Race, and it was mostly rolling hills with a first few miles of technical trails, with the trails getting slightly less-technical as the race progressed. It was an 11 mile race, and a few of our track club friends also ran as well. There were a total of about 125 runners, some of which decided to run the 5 mile option. We ran 1 mile before the race, and 1 mile after the race, to top it off at 13 miles for the day.

So we started out the race with Ryan leading the way, but about 3.5 miles into the race, Miss Bethany wasn't happy with the pace and technicality of the course (Ryan is a bit more fearless (or stupid) running on trails than Miss Bethany), so we took it down a notch so as to avoid any trip-and-fall-down-a-rocky-hill injuries, and we kinda just enjoyed the scenery the rest of the way. At about mile 8, we had our first stream crossing! So much fun, Ryan loved to splash across the knee-deep stream. Since Miss Bethany was still a little grouchy at this point, she got a bit peeved when Ryan's stomping splashed her sunglasses.

After the race, on the way home, we saw a sign for Purgatory Chasm State Reservation, so we pulled over and checked it out and did some hiking. It was really cool, and here's some pics from it:

Miss Bethany at the entrance to Purgatory Chasm

Miss Bethany at Lovers Leap :-)

Ryan hiking up some rocks.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Just signed up for my FIRST race...


Bethany Couto!!!  (Ryan's last name)

Just signed up for the Rock n' Roll Half Marathon in Providence RI on August 7, 2011 and I'll be a married woman by then.


Sunday, August 1, 2010

This Past Week in Pictures

We've had a pretty busy week! Sorry we haven't updated this week, we've been really busy! Ryan's been working a lot of overtime, and we really just haven't gotten a chance to sit down together and blog! But here's a quick recap of what we've been up to lately:

Miss Bethany finishing the Whaling City Triathlon last weekend. She did well, finishing 4/20 in her division. Ryan played the role of spectator/photographer and got some good pics!

Post-race pic with teammate Lisa, who came in 4th woman overall! Woohoo, go Team Racemenu/mix1!
We ran the Harborthon 5k on one of the Boston Harbor Islands (see the Boston skyline in the background). It was interesting to run a race at night, after work, so we didn't really know what to expect, but it was a lot of fun. We had to take a nice little boat ride over to the race. It was kind of a hilly course, but it was fun, and there was a nice post-race bbq and free beer afterwards! Miss Bethany ran really well, finishing 9th out of 417 women with a 21:45 (over a minute slower than her PR :-p), and Ryan ran pretty well, finishing in 23:14 (only about 35 seconds off his PR!). 

Ryan went fishing today with his dad and brother, and caught a nice bass!

KRDP cookout with all our closest running friends! This is a hardcore group of trail runners, ultra-runners, marathoners, and all-around good people!

Ryan also got some cross-training in on the bike today.

****WEDDING UPDATE: We had a successful wedding weekend: booked a florist, got our centerpiece stuff, and found an organist/singer for the church. ****