Sunday, March 21, 2010

New Bedford Half Marathon

Today we ran the New Bedford Half Marathon. The sun was out, and it felt pretty hot. After all the rain and cold weather we've had in the past few weeks, we never expected to have to resort to dumping water on ourselves at the water stops and wearing tank tops and shorts today! We actually both got a bit of sun too!

Miss Bethany was the speed demon, as usual, and ran 1:38:32, setting a new PR for herself by about 50 seconds. Wow, she's fast! She just amazes me. She just keeps getting faster.

I, on the other hand, didn't really approach this as a 'race', per se. I really just wanted to use it as more of a training run, at a solid pace. I ran with a few of my fellow Greater New Bedford Track Club members, one of which ran barefoot. Our pace kind of fluctuated between 7:55 min/mile and 8:20 min/mile, and I sped up and slowed down, which kinda sapped some energy from me, as I usually like to keep a steady pace, but it was all good in the end. I ended up with 1:48:21, and was content with it. I didn't really push it too hard, and still finished within a couple minutes of my PR, on a tough course, on a hot day. I was definitely feeling a bit dehydrated, and I know Miss Bethany was too. It was a tough day, and we haven't been used to running in heat like this!

Well here are some pics from our race, and our post-race MGD 64 party at Catwalk!
Here is Miss Bethany, cruising around Mile 5. 

Here's Ryan chugging along to the finish. Mile 12 was pretty brutal :-)

At Rose Alley Ale House, celebrating with friends!

MGD 64!

We didn't get any good close-ups, but Miss Bethany LOVED the fact that my bib number was #427 (Miss Bethany's birthday is 4/27). She's ALWAYS wanted that number, haha.

Look out for our next "Countdown to Boston" post. The city is getting ready for it already! Less than a month away!!


Meg said...

Great, both of you! MB, nice PR and Ryan, way to move it...despite the heat. My favorite numbers are 4 and 7 so I would have loved that bib! The city is already getting ready for BOSTON? That is just too exciting. I can't wait to read your count down post. I hope you both have a great week!

Michelle said...

Way to go, guys! So awesome!

Anonymous said...

Great job on the half!! That's a pretty speedy time for not actually racing!

Running and living said...

Congrats to both! I ended up running the Quincy Half instead of New Bedford. A much easier course for me. We should have a blogger meet up in the Athletes village!

N.D. said...

another speedy runner, I need to be able to run fast again!! soon enough. (but not as fast as bethany!) thanks for the tip on the goofy. S*** that is expensive. Another thing to think about!

Meg said...

Hey My Boston Buddies,
Could one of you please email the name of the Irish pub that is right on the finish line stree, Boylston(sp?)? We were thinking of meeting there for Run With Jill's birthday celebration following the marathon.
Thanks so much,

Happy Feet 26.2 said...

Awesome racing this weekend. congrats to both of you. I also need some food info. I am told there are some great Italian restaurants on "the North end" any ideas?? Or any ideas for restaurants around Boston Park Plaza hotel.

Mel -Tall Mom on the Run said...

Wow oh wow speedy peeps! I love when the race numbers and up being something COOL!! Boston here you come!

Anonymous said...

You are both speed demons in my book! I'm just hoping to get a sub 2 hour half under my belt! Have you guys always been on the speedy side?

Meg said...

Hey, it was Solas! Thanks so much, now I have to get to some planning for that party...take care!

Streaker said...

Congratulations to both of you. Sounds like it was warmer there in Mass. than here in Texas that day. We had a cold wind for the Seabrook Marathon near Houston.

Meg said...

I LOVED your 2 cents...thanks for everything.

Meg said...

We were thinking of meeting at Solas but that's only because someone went there last year. Any better ideas?? It's your backyard, please give me any advice you'd like! People have emailing and want to get together so let me know what you think! We're staying at the Marriott, Copley. Is there any fun place near the finish where we could meet?

Jill said...

Nice job to both, very speedy :).
Looking forward to meeting you in Boston!!! Good luck with your last few weeks of training!