Monday, March 29, 2010

Countdown to Boston and Mix1 Update!

UPDATE: Please don't forget to check out yesterday's post, for our FIRST giveaway, courtesy of our friends at Mix1! We're also adding 3 additional ways to enter, so you all can get up to 6 entries! Please post these 3 additional entries on the previous post, in separate comments:
1.) Link to our giveaway in one of your blog posts, and let us know you did!
2.) Follow us on Twitter @OurLoveOnTheRun, and let us know you did!
3.) Re-tweet our last tweet on Twitter, and let us know you did!

Now, on to the countdown . . . 3 WEEKS TIL BOSTON!

We hope you guys are as excited as we are! In three short weeks, we will all be celebrating (hopefully together somewhere!). Please enjoy the pics below, as you catch a glimpse of how the city is getting ready and decorated for the big day, the 114th Boston Marathon! These banners are going up all over the city, on Boylston St., Mass. Ave., Huntington Ave., Downtown, and all over the place, and we walk by them everyday, and it gets us so excited!

Our favorite, Ryan Hall!

Last year's female winner, Salina Kosgei.

Last year's wheelchair winner, Ernst Van Dyk.

Last year's women's wheelchair winner, Wakako Tsuchida.

Countdown clock at Marathon Sports on Boylston St., at the finish line!

Hope you're all getting excited for Boston, and don't forget to enter our Mix1 Giveaway from our previous post!!!


Meg said...

Oh, so cool!!! I love the window display with the countdown clock.

Indi said...

I love Boston and looks like its an awesome time to be there! Linked to your giveaway on my blog:)

Marlene said...

It must be awesome walking around seeing all the "stuff" as race day draws near!

1. now following you on twitter (@marleneruns)

2. retweeted!!

Emily said...

THESE ARE AWESOME! I am so pumped. Keep 'em coming!

Anonymous said...

You're getting so close! I walked passed the marathon countdown in front of marathon sports just last week! I got excited and I'm not even running hhaha

N.D. said...

sooo exciting! I wish I were running it this year ! who are the big names?

Manderz said...

How exciting!!! I would love to be a spectator at the boston marathon.

Thanks for all of your support - I just friend requested you on FB

Jill said...

Ooooooo, it's getting exciting!! I love those banners...did you find the one of me yet? I'm certain there's one out there :). I'm glad I've connections to pick up my race stuff in case I'm stranded in DC. Will you also run for me??!!?? Hope to see you at the post-race celebration!!!!!!