Thursday, March 11, 2010

Bethany's Brother in Law

Eek! It's been awhile since we've posted! We are 1 week closer to Boston and we will resume our countdown next week on Monday. I just wanted to share with you something scary that's going on with my brother-in-law, Peter. He has been in the hospital all week with a Pulmonary Embolism, or blood clot in his lungs! 
It was pretty serious and he had some scary moments but the good news is he is going to be okay and may even come home from the hospital today.
Poor guy was in A LOT of pain for a few days but is feel better now. He had pain in his side starting last Saturday and on Sunday my sister took him to the ER and we were shocked when he landed in the ICU with a blood clot! eek! His mother, sister, brother and nephew all flew here from South Africa and my mom flew home from Florida.
Glad he is going to be okay!
  Peter and Robby on Christmas


robinbb said...

Get well wishes to Peter!

Hannah said...

How scary! Glad to hear he is doing well. Thinking of you guys!

Staci Dombroski said...

That is so scary! Glad to hear that he is doing good now!

Meg said...

I'm so glad he is going to be okay but that is so serious. I'll be thinking of him!
Thanks for your support on the training, I am taking it easier and I AM reducing the speed workouts, I think that's spot on advice and I appreciate your thoughts!
I guess we'll be meeting you both soon, right?