Monday, March 1, 2010

Countdown to Boston: 7 Weeks!

 Countdown to Boston! Can you believe that in 7 weeks time, the Boston Marathon will have come and gone? Eeek! It's going to be here before we know it. Every week up until Boston, we'll be posting some 'flashback' pics from last year's race. 

This week, we start it off with some pics from the night before the race, where everyone knew the 'big secret' except for Miss Bethany. We all got together and had a big pasta dinner at Ryan's parents' house. Enjoy the pics below, and get excited for Boston!
Playing with Robby

Robby giving "Mr. Ryry" a Good Luck Kiss

Hydrating. (Just for show, we're not that into Gatorade:-)

Who else is running Boston? And are you excited yet? Don't forget we live about 0.2 mi from the finish line, so if you have any questions, or would like to schedule a running tour, or would like to meet up for a Bloggy Get-together before/after Boston, let us know!! :-)


Emily said...

I'm running Boston! I would love a bloggy get-together! I can not believe it is in 7 months! CRAZY.

Happy Feet 26.2 said...

After running 19 miles with a friend who was running his 1st marathon yesterday - in New Orleans - YES - I am excited about Boston. I'm looking forward to the running tour. I think we will arrive on Fri.

I have some hotel questions. If you have time, send me an email so I can ask a few questions. Thanks cdufrene (at) netdoor (dot) com

Meg said...

Please plan a fun running tour, Bethany and Ryan. I think many of us would love to meet you both and see the city through your eyes and experiences! Count my friend Jillian and I in and I think Jill too! Thanks and I love the pre-race fun pictures!

Marlene said...

Nice pics! I think it's awesome that you live so close to the finish! Wish I could be there.

Morgan said...

Spike and I get into town the Friday before and will be there through til Wednesday morning. Would be great if we could meet up at the expo or something. As it gets closer lets touch base! said...

um im running boston next year! by the time i qualified in december it was already sold out and shut down. bummer.

Meg said...

Hi B and R,
I agree with the comment you left regarding the Yasso's 800's versus other repeats. They all basically seem like the same thing. I did read the article in RW about Yasso's mathematical formula for estimating your marathon time from the 800's so maybe that is why they specifically use the 800's in their training. ??? Does that make sense?

Denise said...

your 2010 goals look great, both of you!!

B - you'll love the 50 miler!! If you have any questions, definitely email me!!

lifestudent said...

you're another week down. hope all is going well!!!