Monday, December 7, 2009

Winter Weather has ARRIVED!

We had quite the busy weekend (as usual)! On Saturday, Miss Bethany ran 10 miles with Team in Training, and then worked on her annual Christmas ornaments all day. Saturday night was Ryan's office Christmas party at the Langham Hotel in Boston. It was nice to get dressed up, and have a fun night of dinner and dancing with all of Ryan's colleagues. We even got a bit of December snow.

Sunday morning we hit the road at 8am sharp! We had planned to run about 13 miles or so on the Boston Marathon course, and then run the Holiday 5k at the Boston Hatch Shell along the Charles River. Our friend was the race director, and all the proceeds went to Faulkner Hospital Breast Health Center, so we wanted to show our support. Well our run didn't go as planned, but it worked out well in the end. We started out on the Boston course, but it was SO icy, and Ryan almost fell and cracked his skull numerous times! So we decided to turn back after 6 miles, and let the sun come out and melt some of the ice, and head back out to finish later. We ended up getting up to 9 miles in before the 5k, and then Miss Bethany pushed the pace, and we finished the 5k at a decent 7:41 pace. We topped it all off with 3 more miles to bring our total to 15 miles on the day, and we both felt like we got a good workout in. 

Sunday afternoon and night, Miss Bethany continued on with her many ornaments (170 to be exact!!), while Ryan relaxed and watched some Christmas specials on TV :-).

The lovely couple at the PB Christmas Party!

Here's the link to a great pic of us finishing the Holiday 5k:
Finishing strong, Ryan struggling to keep up! Race director J. Alain Ferry in the background pointing to us, and explaining to a friend how we're the couple who got engaged at the Boston Marathon :-) Thanks for putting together yet another great race, Alain. (Photo by Mike Brown Dowling)

 Here's Miss Bethany with some of her many ornaments. Finished product to be unveiled in a later blogpost.

Another busy week ahead: Biggest Loser finale tomorrow, Brown U. Club of Boston Christmas Party on Thursday, our own little Christmas party on Friday, then a nice loooong 20 miles of trails (hopefully snowy) on Sunday with the KRDP!

Have a good week everyone!


Mel -Tall Mom on the Run said...

OK the fact that you thanked me for leading you to a Giveaway that you won is AWESOME.. LOL!!

Funny I do High Five Friday so people can connect with others with the same interest and possibly read a Blog they haven't before. Nice to know that you and Kelly will connect.

LOVE LOVE the ornaments..

Hey if you like Christmas Cards email me your address. I have 50 to send and just over 30 takers thus far..

Hugs and congrats! So glad it went to a Bride, I entered to win, I still feel like a newlywed after 6 1/2 years of marriage.

Meg Runs said...

What a cute Christmas picture! Life around your house is definitely festive at this time of year, I LOVE IT! I really want to see your ornaments when you are finished. That's a lot of ornaments, no wonder you were working on them all day!
We have a long run this weekend too but not as many parties...yours sound fun!

Marlene said...

You guys are so cute with all of your activities! And I didn't realize you were engaged at the Boston Marathon! How perfect!

lifestudent said...

Winter sure has hit. And I would like to return it, or donate it. Any takers?

Mama said...

Sounds like a lovely weekend!

BTW, I'm your running Christmas card exchange buddy, so shoot me an email at mom2shoo at when you get a chance.

MCM Mama

Denise said...

Hey, thanks for the comment on my blog and suggestion about clean eating. I actually eat clean every day for the most part. But the wknds kill me and I fall apart. I'm going to root through some of your posts to find the ones where you talk about eating clean to see what you have to say!!

tricia said...

Hi Bethany!
well, I'm really excited because I joined the gym that is just 1.6 miles away! I've been trying to run outside but that has not been working since its dark by the time Mike gets home and its super cold! So, i'll be running on the treadmill for the winter probably. any tips on that? I usually set the incline at at least 1 all the time so its more like running outside. I'm excited about being able to do weight training again too! I love following your running adventures, it is quite the inspiration!!!

Kasey said...

What a fun and busy weekend! I'm impressed by the fact that you were able to run under 8 minutes on your race after already running 9 and then running 3 more. Someday maybe we'll be there!