Monday, December 21, 2009

SNOW and 15 Miler

This weekend our running plans got a bit messed up thanks to Mother Nature. Bethany had planned on running 10 miles on Saturday and then 15 on Sunday with Ryan. Since it was predicted that we would get 18+ inches of snow, we had to run 15 miles on Saturday and no running on Sunday. On Saturday we did the first 10 miles at A-goal marathon pace and then the last 5 nice and easy. Bethany's ankle started to really hurt towards the end and she even had to walk twice. Come to find out her running shoes had a defect! The tongue on the right shoe came up way too high and really irritated her tendon from all the rubbing (she has very tiny ankles). She was able to return the shoes for a new pair but her ankle is still a bit sore but getting better.
We had 2 Christmas parties on Saturday and then the snow began to fall at about 8:00pm Saturday night and continued until late in the afternoon on Sunday. We got  about 20 inches of  light, powdery snow. Since we went home to our parent's house for the weekend we were separated during the snow storm and didn't get to play in the snow together.
 Bethany was lucky enough to get a snow day on Monday but poor Ryan had to work (although he got a fancy Christmas lunch of lobster at work so don't feel bad for him!)

The view outside Bethany's house. We got about 5 more inches after this picture was taken.

Bethany all bundled up to go play in the snow. It was kind of sad, she was the only person out, she even walked around the block looking for the neighborhood kids, lol. It was only 9:00am on a Sunday...

Bethany's nephew, Robby, 18 months. Not too thrilled with the snow.
Getting used to it...

Bethany found this poor little mouse shivering in the snow. She scooped it up with a shovel and built a little snow cave for it. I'm sure it died anyway. 

 See how much snow is behind him?!
 Robby waist deep in the snow!

Okay, this is cruel. This is us in the Dominican Republic in 2008 after a nice run on the beach. Ugh how nice it would be to be running there rather than in cold, snowy Boston, Massachusetts!!

We have a 20 miler planned for this weekend, Hopefully Mother Nature doesn't mess things up for us again. Merry Christmas everyone!!

Stay tuned for our upcoming post on our goals and resolutions for 2010. What are yours??



Mama said...

Looks pretty similar to around here.

BTW, a package should be arriving at your mom's soon for you.

MCM Mama

Meg Runs said...

We've been watching the weather your way for a few days now and brrr, it looks so cold! Hope you can still get out there and do 20 this week, how will you dress for that?? What happens when you sweat?
Merry Christmas!

untpawgal02 said...

At least you got to run this weekend... thanks to the Blizzard that hit DC on Sat I didn't get to run at all this weekend!

Mel -Tall Mom on the Run said...

Yes we got the ornament and it is proudly displayed on the Tree... I am going to do a fun post with the BLoggy gifts I have gotten so THANK YOU!!

Wow that is a whole lot of snow.. We have not seen any powder yet..

Colleen said...

I love your new sub-titles. Bethany, you are one crazy girl going out in all that should've come to our house, we had 4 little kids who LOVE to play (well Andrew wimped out after 15 minutes) but everyone else stayed out for over an hour. Me? I was inside the whole time, doing Jillian's Shred DVD :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the comment! Great blog :)

Tricia said...

Brrr...thats cold.

It was 80 degrees here on Christmas Eve. No snow for us :(