Monday, December 14, 2009

Christmas Festivities and 20 Miler!

Well, as usual, it was another busy week for us, filled with lots of Christmas festivities, starting off the Brown University Club of Boston's Holiday Party at the Park Plaza Hotel on Thursday night. We had a great time, with a nice little open bar, lots of delicious food (but no dessert! booo!), and good friends. Friday night we threw our own little Christmas Gathering at our apartment. Lots of delicious Christmas beers and clean Christmas snacks! Saturday morning, Miss Bethany ran 11 miles, while Ryan slept in :-). Brrrrr, it was 20 degrees and windy! Then Saturday night, the KRDP had a November/December birthday party, which was a BLAST! Sunday morning we ran 20 miles on the trails with the KRDP, most of whom recovered nicely from a very 'festive' night before! The ground was frozen, which beat up our feet a little bit, and made footing uneasy at points, but we survived, and felt like we got a GREAT workout in. Miss Bethany had a nice little fall, it was sad to see her go down, but she got right back up and kept chugging along!

Here we are just before leaving for the Brown Christmas Party.

Lobby at the Park Plaza. Wow!

Our festive Christmas apartment :-)

Miss Bethany preparing the clean treats by the "fire."

More festive treats!

Stealing a smooch under the mistletoe. 

Celebrating birthdays with the KRDP!

Miss Bethany with her nephew in his brand new house. (Bethany is excited because her nephew can finally say "Ah-B" like "Aunt B").

 After finishing 20 miles on the trails with the KRDP. Wow, we were out there for 3 hours and 45 minutes! Longer than it takes to run a marathon!!! (We run at a slower pace on the trails because it's all woods, ups and downs, logs, rocks, steep hills, etc., etc. Lots of FUN!)

As usual, we have another busy week this week, with more Christmas parties, Christmas shopping, and of course, running! Have a great week everyone!


Laura said...

what a cute nephew you have!!!

You guys are so busy and so many Christmas Parties, that is really nice-enjoy them!

Also, is that a blow up reindeer on your couch?

Meg Runs said...

I am really enjoying all of your Christmas fun! That's great that you were also able to get in some running! Your nephew is very cute, I love the way he says your name. How old is he? Have a fun and busy week and keep sharing your festivities...I've been a little too busy to have fun but I'll be free on Friday! Yeah!

Marlene said...

Great photos - lots of holiday fun!

Nice job on the twenty- sounds like it was pretty tough on the trails.

Mel -Tall Mom on the Run said...

Your two stay sooo busy!! Glad that you got the card..

Off to have some fun with friends..

TX Runner Mom said...

I found your blog via Meg's. Way to go on the 20-miler...btw, some of us would love to run a marathon in under 3:45, lol!

Colleen said...

Ummm, that may be longer than it takes YOU to run a marathon, but that would be an amazing time for the rest of us ;)