Sunday, January 29, 2012

How Do You Display Your Medals ???

In the past, we've just hung our medals on doorknobs, or random nails that happened to be in our apartment walls. However, for this Christmas, Miss Bethany decided that she wanted to get a medal hanger for the wall, but she didn't really see anything that she liked enough to buy. On Christmas morning, Bethany's dad surprised us with homemade medal hangers that he had made from scratch. It was one of Bethany's favorite Christmas presents. Bethany's plan is to display only the current year's medals on the hanger (as seen in the picture below). My plan is to just put my favorite medals on the hanger, regardless of year. 
The hooks turn up on the ends, allowing for multiple medals to be hung on each hook. Each rack has 12 hooks on. Both racks read "13.1 NAME 26.2," it's hard to see Bethany's because it's in pink, the exact color pink as her bike. We love our medal hangers and maybe someday we'll get a few more to hang around the house.

We've made a running wall, with our medal hangers, and around the hangers are photos from races. 

So how do YOU display your medals?!

Us with the AFC Championship trophy! 


Jill said...

I love that there were made for each of you! How sweet! Love them.

Jennifer said...

Great hangers! Mine are are on the knobs of my shutters in my TV room, easy to see but they get in the way, I like this idea, may have to borrow it!

P.S. The Giants are going to win.


Amanda said...

Awesome medal hangers.

I shadow box my special medals and use metal utility hooks for the others.

Sara said...

Those I perfect! It looks great. :)

I have my medals on an Allied Medal hanger that says 'Courage to Start.'

Thanks for sharing!