Sunday, January 1, 2012

2011 Recap (We're Back!)

Hey guys - we're back! It's been a while, but we're finally back in the blogosphere. Here's a quick recap of the races we've run in 2011, and what's next for us in 2012.

Happy New Year, everyone!

  1. Walt Disney World - Goofy's Challenge
  2. Hyannis Marathon
  3. Black Cat 20 Miler 
  4. New Bedford Half Marathon
  5. Boston Marathon
  6. Cox Providence Half Marathon
  7. Blackstone Valley Half Marathon
  8. Pineland Farms 50km (Honeymoon!)
  9. San Diego Rock n Roll Marathon  (Honeymoon!)
  10. Around the Lake 12 Hr Ultra (and Marathon)
  11. Providence Rock n Roll Half Marathon
  12. Disney Wine and Dine Half Marathon
  13. Boston Athletic Association Half Marathon
  14. Mount Desert Island Marathon
  15. Stonecat 50 Miler (and Trail Marathon)
Here are some photos from throughout the year:
Pineland Farms 50km in our "just married" shirts

RnR San Diego Marathon! Also in our "just married" shirts

After party at Disney's Wine & Dine Half Marathon. Got to play at Epcot til 3am!

 Mount Desert Island Marathon! So beautiful! We already signed up for 2012!!

Ryan finishing his FIRST 50 miler!!! 10:40:00! 

We've had a lot to be thankful for in 2011. What a great year for us! Sad to see it go but it's time to focus on the good things that 2012 will bring. Happy New Year to all!!! 

Up next for us will be Disney's Goofy's Challenge. This will be Ryan's 2nd Goofy and Bethany's 7th Goofy. 

We are going to start posting regularly again. Thanks to those who are still reading and following us!!!!


Morgan said...

I've been wondering where you guys disappeared too! Congrats on another great year of running!!! Looking forward to seeing what y'all do at Goofy!

Beth said...

What an amazing year for you both! 50 miler, that is incredible!!!

Kayla said...

Welcome back!!! You guys had a great year!! Good luck at Disney!:)

Amanda said...

Glad to see you guys back on the blog. Happy New Year!

Yeah - Goofy Challenge! It'll be my second too and I'm still super excited that Bethany is Perfectly Goofy!!!!

robinbb said...

Yay for heading back to Goofy. I will be doing the full this weekend down there. Maybe I will see you guys down there. Welcome back, I love reading your blog!

Silly Girl Running said...

Welcome back! :)