Sunday, August 23, 2009

Trails with the KRDP

Today was a great run. We ran with the KRDP on the trails. It was a little wet and rainy at the beginning, thanks to Hurricane Bill, but that just made it even more fun. Splashing around through the puddles was great. Ryan had a nice 12 mile run (longest since Boston), while Bethany did 10 (her long run was on Friday this week). Not even a nice fall/face full of dirt and a bloodied nipple could dampen Ryan's day.

Here we are post-run.

I even had nipple band-aids on, but the wet/rainy conditions made them fall off. Bad luck!

**Tomorrow will be our 5-year anniversary, and thus a 5-mile Love On the Run is in order! One mile for each year, let's make it a tradition! Check back tomorrow!**

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