Saturday, August 15, 2009

Our First Post

Welcome! And thanks for checking out our new blog! We wanted to document our training in order to show how endurance sports can help strengthen not only the body and mind, but also the love between two like-minded individuals. In the coming days, we'll put together a sort of 'retrospective' of how this all started and how we came to love our sports as much as we love each other. For now, we'll just start with some pics from our most recent mini-vacation and some good runs we had while there.

We vacationed for 3 days up in York, ME with Ryan's parents and brother and stayed at a nice little hotel right on the beach. It was a nice 4 mile loop run around the Cape Neddick Light House, which was beautiful. Here's Miss Bethany running up to the lighthouse.

Here's a nice picture of us two lovebirds, taken at the lighthouse mid-run. The picture below speaks for itself ;-p

So welcome, and be sure to follow Our Love On the Run! It gets better each day!


Laura said...

Good job! I look forward to seeing some future posts, I can help you in the morning tomorrow before I go to work if you want help setting it all up. Have fun!

Anonymous said...

This blog is more entertaining than the new Track Club website. Im just saying :-)