Friday, June 22, 2012

5 Things Friday

1. Had a great week of working out but I'm still not too confident about running a sub 3:35 marathon next month. Sometimes I think I'm crazy for thinking I can do it so soon. I was ready to do it in April, but now I feel kind of lazy and out of shape. Too much resting with 2 marathons and a 50 miler. I've got the endurance but not sure about the speed. It's hard to explain to non-runners how one can feel "lazy" after completing 2 marathons and an ultra but I know you understand what I mean. It's just so much rest!

2. Did you know that I am an ambassador Zooma Cape Cod Half Marathon and 10k? The race is set for 9/22/12 in Falmouth, MA. It's going to be a blast! I LOVE races for women! Check out Zooma's website HERE to register for the race and check out the other ambassadors! Such a great group of ladies, can't wait to meet everyone! Don't forget to use coupon code CCAMB7 at checkout to save $5 off the 10k and $10 off the full.

3. For those of you who don't know, Ryan is now officially a professional engineer. He found out a couple of weeks ago that he passed his PE exam. So proud of him!!

4. Earlier this week I opened up an Etsy shop. So far I have already sold 3 things! Check out my Etsy shop HERE. Also, see the pictures below. Everything comes in a pack of 8 and anything can be made special the way you want.

5. I started doing TRX workouts 2 weeks ago...HOLY COW! It's an unbelievable workout! So hard! Gets my heart rate up and makes everything sore the next day. If your gym has TRX equipment definitely talk to a trainer and set up an appointment! It's so worth the money!


Nrmrvrk said...

What is a "professional" engineer? What type of engineering does he do?

Tracey said...

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