Wednesday, July 27, 2011

RnR San Diego and Honeymoon Pictures!!!

Hi everyone! WOW, we haven't blogged in forever!! Our computer died so we had to get a new one and we were really slow with having to upload all our wedding/honeymoon pictures again.

I know it's a bit late for this race report BUT.....

On June 5th we ran the Rock n Roll San Diego Marathon as part of our honeymoon. On 5/29 we ran a 50K in Maine and then we flew to Disneyland for 4 days and then took the Amtrak train down to San Diego. While in San Diego we stayed at the Hard Rock hotel (in a suite!!!) it was a bit too swanky for us but we loved it and had a great time!
The weather on race morning was perfect! We had to walk to the start which was just under 2 miles away. The lines for the porta-potties were ridiculous! I swear there were at least 75 people in each line. We made it to the start with a few minutes to spare. We were supposed to be in corral 7 but we knew we were going to be taking it slow so we moved back into a slower corral (the volunteer gave us attitude and said we could not enter the corral bc we were supposed to be in #7, race rules clearly stated (as most races doe) you can move back corrals, just not forward, eventually she let us in.)
The race course was gorgeous!!! I felt like we really got to see the city and all its beauty. We ran through Balboa Park, down by the water, by navy ships and big boats, statues, art work, by the stadium where the Padres play etc. We had to run on a slanted highway for about 4 miles which kind of sucked but there were so many people to look at that it kind of took your mind off the slant. Once again we wore our "just married" shirts and people were going crazy screaming for us and congratulating us. Around mile 12 we started looking for the lovely Meg from Meg Runs! We were thrilled to see her, she was holding a sign for us! We stopped to take a picture with her, it was so nice to see you, Meg xoxo!!
Ryan was struggling a bit and didn't have much energy, he was slowing down and seemed to be getting more tired by the mile. Around mile 18 he drank a beer and magically spruced right back up. Then again, around mile 22 he drank another beer, semi frozen, slushy beer and then we started passing people like crazy! We were lucky enough to see Meg again around mile 20, she even ran with us for a bit!! The last 10 or so miles of this race were all along the water, it was truly gorgeous! We had a really strong finish, picking up the pace a lot in the last 4 miles! The finish was fun with our shirts, people were so friendly and nice to us!!
We finished the race in 4:35, kind of slow for us but we were just out for a good time and we still had a week and a half left of our honeymoon so we wanted to take things easy and just enjoy the course. We were outside longer than we planned and got a little too much sun. I put SPF on my lips but we were just out there for too long and I got a pretty painful sunburn there, NOT fun.
 See the names on our bib #s?? Mr. and Mrs. Couto

 After the race! You can see Sea World in the background

 Ryan eating a sandwich he bought from a cart after the race

I don't trust food from carts, I'll stick with my Mix1!

Riding the bus back to the hotel 

We took advantage of the free baseball tickets after the marathon. We only stayed for about 4 innings then we went out to eat. Beautiful stadium though!

 Dinner at some place that was supposed to be like an old whore house. Ryan saw what the waitresses were wearing and wanted to eat there, lol.

Picture in the lobby at our hotel, just as we were leaving for Vancouver.

We have many many pictures from our honeymoon that we would LOVE to share with you all! Please stay tuned for our pictures from Disneyland, more from San Diego, Vancouver and Alaska!


Michael said...

Welcome back :) Glad you got your new computer up and running. Love all the pics!

fancy nancy said...

Welcome back!! I love that this is how you all spent your honeymoon! Can't wait to hear more!

lifestudent said...

Nothing like having a nice, romantic dinner ... in a whore house ;)

Amanda said...

Welcome back to the blogosphere :)!

It sounds like the marathon was wonderful. What a great area to see the sights while on the road.

4:35 - oh I dream of that time. The only place I'll ever see it ;).

Can't wait to see more pictures.

Jennifer said...

It's good to hear from you two again. So happy to see that you had a such great time! The pictures are super.

Marlene said...

I've missed you! Good to "hear" from you. :)

Too funny that BEER of all things is what got Ryan going again! Congrats on the honeymoon marathon!

Looking forward to more pics!


Meg said...

So HAPPY you're back!! You guys are actually married, yipee!!
I'm so glad your time in SD was fun...that was a tough race on your tired legs(from the previous week, right?)but you two are TOUGH and I'm sure you'll be back one day!
Congrats once again and by the way, we've never eaten at the old whore house, thank goodness!!

Johann said...

I think it is awesome that you included the race in your honeymoon. Not many will do that and it is super. Good to see you had such a great time. Have a good weekend!

Tricia said...

welcome back,looking forward to more

Tricia said...

welcome back,looking forward to more

Ana-Maria RunTriLive said...

Wow, you've been busy! I love reading your adventures and seeing you dressed alike...such a sweet couple!

Richelle said...

Welcome back! What a fun honeymoon! Can't wait to read more about it.