Tuesday, November 9, 2010

My First 50 Miler!! Race Report (and 100th post!)

I completed my first ever 50 miler this past Saturday, November 6th. It was fun, I would definitely do it again!! I'm going to do this race report a bit different than usual. First off, the race was the Stonecat Trail Race in Ipswich, MA. The 50 miles took much longer than I thought it would, I figured it would take about 10 hours but I did it in 10:53:00. I'm not a great trail runner so I definitely lost a lot of time due to poor trail technique!!

- The weather was great! I wore the same outfit all day long, just changed my socks once because they were soaked(had to run through water 8 times)
- I can't even tel you how fast the day went by. It was by far the fastest day of my life. The first 3 loops flew by and then all of a sudden I was on the 4th and final loop.
- I liked the course, it was a 12.5 mile loop 4 times.
- Mentally running 50 miles was EASY. That's right, I said easy. Mentally, not physically :-)
- Ryan was a great supporter, he ran the marathon so I got to see him a few times during his run and then I saw him at mile 37.5(end of 3rd loop) and then at the finish.
-At mile 37.5 Ryan put Vaseline on the bottom on my right foot, awww.
- I rant he whole way with my friend Ken, who was running his 7th 50 miler. I also ran part of the way with my friend Mark (from Biggest Loser season 5) he did amazingly well! (watch The Biggest Loser special the night before Thanksgiving to find out...)
- All 50 miler finishers got embroided fleece finisher jackets!! Very nice! And we got tech shirts too, and all the food we could possible eat! I only paid $65 to run! What a bargain!!
- I felt really strong running and I was able to pick up the pace from miler 45-50. I was really pleased with my endurance.
_ i did a good job with nutrition and hydrating. Actually, I probably drank too much bc i peed 5 times!
-I slept 8 hours the night before.
-The race organizers, volunteers and fellow runners were all AWESOME!!!

-I'm NOT a good trail runner!! Although most trail runners would say this course was easy, I definitely struggled through all the loose rocks, roots and wet leaves.
- The trail was covered with leaves so we could not see what was under the leaves.
- We had to run through (freezing cold) water (about 7" deep) 4 times and then there was another wet spot later on in the loop but it wasn't nearly as bad.
- My feet were soggy, I could feel my wet socks pulling on my toenails, lifting them up.
- As usual, I rolled/twisted my ankles at least 2 times per mile. My ankles are VERY flexible so when I twist/roll them, I'm still able to keep on going, it doesn't usually hurt til the next day.
-The back of my left knee bothered my after about mile 32. That has never happened before but it quickly went away once I stopped.
-We started in the dark and had to wear headlamps, mine was obviously too tight because my forehead is still sore to the touch!
-My time wasn't bad, and it was my first 50 so I'm definitely NOT complaining, but it is a little frustrating because I know I lost at least 1 hour due to bad trail technique.
- My feet and ankles HURT
- My muscles weren't too sore after wards, it was more joint/tendon discomfort from 10 hours and 53 minutes of rolling and twisting. Everyone always says how painful running on the roads is. Running on the roads is NOT painful AT ALL to me, running on trails is painful to me!! I'm like polar opposite of everyone else but I'd much rather run 50 miles on roads! It would have hurt a lot less!!

I really did enjoy the 50 miles! I will definitely run 50 again! Ryan wants to do the 50 next year so we will most likely run it together.  Here are some pictures from the day:
 About 20 minutes before the race.

 Mile 37.5, end of the 3rd loop. Apparently I don't like whatever I'm drinking.
My soggy feet at mile 37.5. I was getting a blister so Ryan put some Vaseline on the spot while I changed my socks.

Coming into the finish. That is my friend Kenny, he always does this thing where he pretends to block the person he is running with. I ended up beating him tho, by like 1 second.

More pictures to come once they are posted by the race people. Ryan will write his race report soon. Thanks for all your support.

woohoo, 100th post!


Jennifer said...

How exciting! I am so stoked for you and look forward to hearing more about it and seeing more pictures. Now I feel even more excited about my own plans for ultras! Cheers and rest up! Please post about your training workouts!

Denise said...

sounds like you nailed it!! congrats, ultra marathoner!! woo hoo!

Running and living said...

Congrats, how awesome! Trail running is hard, particularly after a while, when you get "lazy legs". I run in the Fells every Saturday now, and I often get a face plank.... I heard Stone Cat is a breat race. Glad it did not dissapoint. Maybe next year, for me:)

Marlene said...

Happy 100 posts and HUGE congrats on the 50 miler!! You make it sound like a piece of cake! I hope everything is feeling better after some rest.

Sara said...

Congratulations on the 50 miler! THAT IS AWESOME!! You are such an inspiration to me. Can't wait to read more!

Amanda - RunToTheFinish said...

amazing! You make it sounds so enticing...minus the whole soggy feet.

way to go!

Jenn said...

WOW- Congrats! I'll admit I gagged a little when you said "I could feel my wet socks pulling on my toenails lifting them up!" Quite and accomplishment! Hope you rewarded yourself well!!!

Eliza said...

Wow! way to go on 50 miles :)

Colleen said...

Oh my, I feel so sad for your soggy feet. But I am so happy for you completing 50 frickin miles! You ROCK!

Emz said...

BETHANY -- I AM SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO happy for you. The best experience EVER right?!?!

Way to go. You rock!

misszippy said...

Wow Bethany! That is amazing--you are a stud!!! So cool.

I'm like you, a bit gun shy with trail running, but I love the idea of it all.

ShutUpandRun said...

OK, for starters, that is once gross foot, but I guess that is to be expected over 50 miles. You make it sound easy! Congrats to you, that is quite the accomplishment. I ran in the pool for 28 mins today. That's my accomplishment!

J said...

Congrats on the 50 miler! Sounds totally awesome! I have trouble running on trails too but I think practice definitely helps. i am sure next year you will do even better!


Congrats on the 50 miler! I wish I could say that a 50 miler was mentally easy! I am running a 50K next year and hoping for a 50 miler in 2012. You just made it sound so easy! Great job!

Indi said...

Congrats on the 50miler!! Having started running on trails just this summer, i can tell you it is tough..but will make you a very strong runner and is easy on joints. but we are all built differently. Good job on the time, especially for a first one for sure!!

shellyrm aka jogging stroller mama said...

Amazing job 10 hours on your first 50! That is awesome! I am impressed with the bar you set. And it sounds like you had an enjoyable (mostly) time out there.
I understand the frustration with trail technique. I nearly lose my mind when runners "fly" down verticals and I almost come to a stop. Frustrating!
None of that takes away from a fabulous finish in your 50 miler. Congrats! Enjoy the high!

Mel -Tall Mom on the Run said...

AMAZING Bethany!! You are a total rock star and Ryan too. Wow! I love how together you two are accomplishing amazing feats. Sounds painful and great all at the same time.

Hugs! Now rest up for the next adventure.

Jen said...

WOW!!! That is so amazing! It's really cool that you were able to speed it up the last 5 miles. And your feet do look soggy! Raisin feet! Congrats!

BabyWeightMyFatAss said...

That's awesome congrats!

marathonmaiden said...

huge congrats!! that is such an accomplishment. i am in awe -- especially since you sound willing to do it again ahaha :)

Katie A. said...

I'm soooo impressed! You are such a rockstar!
That foot looks nasty - just sayin'!
You've made me want to run one! But unlike you, I'll take a trail ultra over a road one any day!
Congrats again girlie! And Ryan too!

Meg said...

Happy 100th post!!
Yikes, the wet socks pulling on the toe nails was creepy! I'm amazed that you didn't feel mentally fatigued by the mileage but then again, you're 100% positive so I guess I'm not totally surprised.
Great job, to the both of you!!

Zaneta said...

That is so cool bethany!! :D you rock girl! :) Can't wait to see more pictures!! CONGRATS ON 50 MILES AND YOUR 100TH POST! :)

Julie said...

Congrats on the 50 miler!!! You have accomplished something that so many people only dream of:) Nice job!

Johann said...

Fantastic run, well done! Sounds like an awesome experience. I know that feeling of the day that just goes by, amazing! That shows what a good time you were having. Now I'm all excited for my next trail race. Lovely report!

Happy Feet 26.2 said...

Cheers to new endeavors and new highs! Congrats! well done!

Bekah @ runtrackmind said...

Great accomplishments, 100 posts and running a 50 miler. Congrats on both.

Kate said...

Congrats! That is huge. You are officially an ultra-runner. :) I love that you two run together. My partner and I first connected through running and it keeps us close today. :) It is a great bond to have.

Running Diva Mom said...

you are Amazing --- wow! continue to inspire me with every race you do. WOW! i can't believe you had to run through water like that .... four times. That must have been one of the worse parts?! ROCKSTAR QUALITY , GIRL!

Amanda said...

Congratulations on your first 50!!!! You did an amazing job - so impressive.

I'm like you - trail running is way harder for me and I hurt a lot worse as I tend to twist my knees and ankles way more than road running!

Again, contgratulations on a job well done!