Sunday, January 3, 2010

New Video Camera to Record Our Runs!!!

We got this new video camera on Black Friday but we just used it for the first time (finally). It was easy to use and easy to carry. We plan to take it with us for the Disney Marathon and since Miss Bethany prefers to hold things in her hands while running, it works out perfectly! Don't worry, there is a strap for the wrist so we won't lose it.  Here are our first videos. It will definitely take some practice getting used to running and filming at the same time. Check out how beautiful the scenery is!

So we went out on a nice little snowy 10 miler yesterday morning, to kind of just work out any last minute kinks, feel the fresh air, feel the nice cool snow, and just enjoy each other's company on one last 'long' run before Disney.

Here we are just heading out for our run:

Here we are on the bike path near our house, YakTrax working well for Ryan. Not sure why Miss Bethany sounds so out of breath, haha:

Miss Bethany's video of the pretty snow-covered trees:

Let us know what you think of the new camera! Miss Bethany needs some work behind the camera, but she'll get used to it :-)

Stay tuned for our next post about 2010 goals and resolutions!


lifestudent said...

Running while videoing is pretty funny. Actually, video cameras inspire us to video pretty interesting stuff. Congrats on the new toy purchase!

Meg Runs said...

Those videos were great! It wasn't too bouncy or fuzzy, super resolution. Is it a Flip camera? I have one but I haven't taken it out running yet! What a gorgeous run, I love the crunching of the snow under your feet! Thanks for sharing!

robinbb said...

I got a Flip last summer and love it but don't use it as much as I would like. I tried using it at my marathon in October but once I was in pain I made my sister turn it off. :) I was also thinking of taking it to Disney though since I am running much slower and more relaxed, but it may be the Flip or the camera, I haven't decided yet.

Good next weekend you guys!

Colleen said...

I don't know how you guys run on the cold snowy weather....seriously, how do you do it? Have fun in FL!!

Rookie on the Run said...

Ohhh! Disney is coming fast!

For some reason, I couldn't get the video to work. It sure looks cold! How fun to run and enjoy each other in such a beautiful setting.

Is this a new blog look? If so, I love it!! If not, you just witnessed how unobservant I am. :p