Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Boston to Lexington

On Saturday we ran out to beautiful Lexington, MA to watch our friend at his soccer. Since neither of us have a car in Boston, what better way to get out there than to run! It was 13 miles from our apt to the soccer field but once we got there we added 2 more miles to top it off at 15. For you blogger people not from MA think back to middle school history class and you will know where Lexington MA is (hint: our run was a semi re-creation of Paul Revere's  midnight ride except we didn't go at midnight and we didn't get captured by the British army.)
Anyway, the weather was perfect and we both had a great run with non-stop chatter the whole way!

 Gotta bring the camera with us on our runs now that we are bloggers!

 Our friend, also named Ryan, in the blue shirt.

Miss Bethany cleaning blood off her ankle after stupidly getting tangled in a pricker branch that was sitting in the middle of the path.

HAPPY THANKSGIVING TO ALL!!!!! Tomorrow we are running a Turkey Trot, Friday we are getting up EARLY for Black Friday shopping and Saturday we are running 18 miles on the trails with KRDP, and in our spare time we are helping Bethany's sister move into her new house! Wew its gonna be another busy weekend! Enjoy the long weekend everyone!!


Colleen said...

But then how did you get home? Did you have to walk 13 miles back? You guys are so cute, running and chatting :) I LOVE to run with Phil (we did 8 miles together the other day) but we have to find a babysitter to do it, so it happens very rarely.

Meg Runs said...

I get goose bumps just going to Lexington and Boston, the history is HUGE! I can't imagine running there(for fun-as in NOT the marathon), I think it would be pretty emotional for me! What a great idea to integrate a soccer game for a friend with a nice long run, great thinking. Thanks for the comments on my blog, you are both inspirational, practical and FUN! Have a great Thanksgiving and a nice, busy weekend!

Rookie on the Run said...

Wow! You DO have a busy weekend coming up!

Thanks for the comment on my blog... I hope you will both love San Diego! San Diego County has some great places to run. My favorite places are along the coast. It's scenic, cool (temperature-wise), and it's fun to people-watch while you run.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!!

P.S... I love the pictures!

Kasey said...

How fun! I love running with my husband. I think running with a significant other is so much better than just running alone or even with others. It is such a great way to bond and spend quality time together! Glad you guys had a great run!

lifestudent said...

I'm with Colleen. You ran 13 or so to get out there, but then how did you get back? Doesnt sound like you ran back too ;)

Mel -Tall Mom on the Run said...

Love that! you are so active...