Monday, October 19, 2009

BayState Marathon (& 1/2)

Yesterday we made the trek out to Lowell to run the BayState Marathon (Bethany) and Lowell Sun Half Marathon (Ryan). Despite the cold, rainy, and windy conditions, we both accomplished the goals we had set out for ourselves. For Miss Bethany, she was hoping to 1.) qualify for Boston (run sub 3:40) and 2.) break 3:30. She came in looking strong at 3:29:13, despite a pre-race Garmin malfunction. Miss Bethany, always prepared, came to the race with a 1/2-dead battery Garmin 305, despite charging it over night. So Ryan gladly took one for the good of the team and let her use his Garmin 405. However, Miss Bethany, as technologically savvy as she is, could not get Ryan's Garmin 405 to work, so she had to run how she felt. Luckily, she knows how to run pretty consistent splits and came out alright in the end. All's well that ends well.

Ryan was hoping to hit 1:45 in the half, and came in at 1:45:24, although since the 1/2 did not have chip-timing, it goes down in the record books as a 1:45:45, oh well. The half course was a double loop course, flat, fast, very little undulation, VERY easy. Ryan felt strong and kept a consistent pace the whole way.

Pre- and post-race essentials.

The finish was inside the Lowell Spinners stadium, after a lap around the warning track.

Bethany finishing strong. 3:29:13!

Bethany had never been so cold or frozen or wet in her life!

Ryan soaked, after waiting for Miss Bethany to finish. But happily representing the Team MGD64!

Warm and dry and Miss Bethany drinking a BEER! That's how good MGD 64 is!!!

Repping the team!

Bethany's nephew.

Relaxing together after the race.

Overall, it was a successful day, despite the weather. A lot of fellow track club members put up great times, and even a few solid PRs! Congrats to all finishers!


Alex Tellez said...

Yes! Beer and Clif protein bars! No doubt, an awesome race and really good post-race essential basket! Mine looks something like this:
1 Clif bar
2 bananas
1 LaraBar [Cashew Cookie]
Brown rice protein shake

Glad you two did so well! Cheers from Hawaii!

Colleen said...

I bow down before you guys. Seriously, wow! If only I liked beer, that one looks like the best :) And cute picture of Robby!