Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Nahant 30k

On Sunday, we ran the Nahant 30k (18.6 mi). It was our first time going to Nahant, and you can see the lovely scenery in the picture below. The weather was very windy, rainy, and pretty cold. We had NO IDEA how hilly this race was going to be, but WOW it was a killer. Steep hills, long hills, but a great training run. Can't wait for next year.

Nahant Beach

Staying dry and warm in the car pre-race.

And we're off . . .

In keeping with her pink theme, Miss Bethany all decked out in her favorite color.

Miss Bethany flying to the finish. 2:26:07 (7:48 pace for 18.73 mi)

Ryan chugging along

Ryan coming in to the finish. 2:50:23 (9:04 pace for 18.73 mi)

Ryan grimacing as he reminisced on the steep hills.

The two lovebirds at the finish.

The celebratory post-run meal at Cheesecake Factory, celebrating Ryan's dad's 54th birthday. Happy Birthday Dad!

Lots of big news in the coming week(s). Ryan's Team MGD 64 sponsorship begins. FREE BEER! and Miss Bethany's big purchase . . . Stay tuned for pics. :-)


Laura said...

Love the 'grimace' picture. Lol.
I definetly want to hear more about this mgd 64 thing. Happy Birthday Mr. C

Colleen said...

Hey Bethany - thanks for letting me know about your blog. It's so cute! Love on the run - clever :) I will be adding you to my blog list!